• Professional Product Sales

    To meet demand, provide BULK CHEMICALS, GASES various specifications, packing chemicals.
  • Professional Technical Service

    Provide professional technical consultants, mass production process planning and design of the entire plant output.
  • Professional Analysis Technology

    Provide reliable, accurate consultants for raw materials and product ultra-analysis technologies and knowledge.
  • Professional Transport Team

    Professional, rigorous, responsible, and dedicated, providing customers with more valuable transportation services

Professional Product Sales

To meet the needs of customers and sell chemicals of various specifications and packaging materials: Bulk Chemicals

Customer Performance


The core team members of the company's engineering technology come from high-purity electronic chemical materials leading companies German-owned and Japanese-funded electronic materials company, the core members of the project accumulated a wealth of electronic chemicals localization technology in the development of the semiconductor industry in Taiwan, from the raw material purification, high purity All aspects of filtration, precision mixing, and control are among the best in Taiwan's related fields. They have played a key role in the localization of high-purity electronic chemistry materials in Taiwan. In addition to accumulating considerable expertise and experience, The recruitment of professionals has established a professional team to enhance the company's external competitive advantage.


Diagnose and identify pollution and its sources, 
and increase ultra-pure water/chemicals, functional chemicals, 
bulk gas/special gas detection limits by ultra-micro analysis.
Evaluate and apply appropriate analysis tools, 
pretreatment methods and test methods.
HK Provide the consultant service for ultra-micro analysis technology and knowledge.


i-Tran Express Corp. is a chemical/traffic transport company specializing in transporting goods to meet customer needs. It is tailor-made for the most economical and efficient logistics solutions, and provides diversified services to help customers complete the goods smoothly. Transport, reduce customer shipping costs, and enhance market competition.