Professional Transport Team

i-Tran Express Corp. is a chemical/traffic transport company specializing in transporting goods to meet customer needs. It is tailor-made for the most economical and efficient logistics solutions, and provides diversified services to help customers complete the goods smoothly. Transport, reduce customer shipping costs, and enhance market competition.

【Professional Transport Equipment】

● Mercedes Benz truck head

● 20 inch. Container

● 40 inch. Container


● Tank truck

● Gull Wing truck

● Board rack

[Advanced security equipment]

● Puller car with Mercedes body

● ABS (Antilock Brake Systems) brake anti-lock system.

● EBS (Electronically controlled Braking System) electronically controlled braking system. .

● All vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring system

● Driving image recorder.

● Airbag suspension system.

● With fixed speed and speed limit function.


【Professional Transport Staff】

● The average number of professional drivers is more than 5 years. Dangerous goods are transported for more than 3 years. Professional transportation personnel all have professional licenses to provide customers with more professional and high-quality services.

● Undertake the transportation business and achieve customer satisfaction with [safety, service, professionalism, innovation].