Company Profile

Hong-Kuang Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. sells electronic grade bulk chemicals (BULK CHEMICAL) and various other specialty chemicals. Its customer base is mainly targeted at semiconductor manufacturers in Taiwan. Its delivery status is very impressive and it is supported and affirmed.

In addition to being a qualified supplier of major semiconductor plants in a short period of time, bulk chemicals sales have also been selected as one of TSMC's excellent suppliers. 
In addition to the major domestic semiconductor customers all have supply performances; they also export a variety of chemicals to meet the needs of foreign customers. In recent years, in order to establish a strong presence in foreign countries and close to foreign countries, they have provided customers with good services nearby.
The characteristics of the high-tech industry are fast production and diversified product requirements. In addition to continuous self-improvement, Hong-Kuang is also committed to providing multiple services. Jointly develop and market with upstream R&D units to ensure Hong-Kuang’s new technical marketing and technical advantages and achieve maximum profitability.

After the demand for the related electronics industry (semiconductor, optoelectronics and solar energy industries) has increased, the company will rapidly increase its production capacity and stay ahead of industry demand.

With the diversified development of application fields, Hong-Kuang Hi- Tech has also expanded in many other fields. Apart from owning its own logistics fleet, it also expands R&D personnel, equipment, and analytical instruments, and uses its many years of industrial experience to help customers improve their quality.